Neighbourly support key to Geraldine’s care

Matthew*, who cares for his neighbour Geraldine*, fondly recalls their experience with Nexus Care.

When they first engaged Nexus’ services, Geraldine was mobile and had limited need for care visits.

“Geraldine was with Nexus a few years ago when she was quite mobile. I think they came just a few times per day, maybe once or twice,” said Matthew.

However, this all changed when Geraldine had a fall, leading to a hospital stay.

“I went straight to Nexus to tell them that Geraldine would be in hospital for at least three weeks, so they didn’t need to send any carers around to the house.

“What really impressed me was how quickly all the managers gathered around me to create a strategy for her care when she came out. They seemed to genuinely care about her wellbeing and included me in the conversation!”

Unfortunately, this didn’t go to plan and a change in care providers occurred after Geraldine’s hospital stay.

She was transferred to the care of another company, a decision made between the hospital and the other care company on behalf of Geraldine, who was given very little say in the matter.

When they came to care for Geraldine, Matthew found their service lacking compared to Nexus, particularly in terms of visit timings, duration, and overall care quality. “They were not a patch on Nexus, I’m afraid,” he said.

Determined to return to the quality of care they once knew, Matthew decided to reapply to Nexus.

Their return to Nexus marked a return to the high standard of care they were accustomed to, and Matthew praised the Nexus team, highlighting their immediate response, care, and attention to Geraldine’s needs.

“The key word for all of them is caring. They do truly care about Geraldine,” he said.

Geraldine’s care routine with Nexus now involves four visits a day, focusing not only on her needs but also on maintaining her mobility.

Matthew appreciates the extra efforts of the carers, who, aside from their primary duties, volunteer for additional tasks like cleaning and vacuuming.

He said: “They spend time with Geraldine, and when they are doing things around the house they are very, very thorough.”

Matthew also speaks highly of Nexus’s management approach, particularly Samuel Court’s hands-on involvement.

“He’s a busy man, he’s a director! But he takes the time to come around and deliver bits of equipment from Nexus Home Retail and to talk to us about Geraldine’s care,” said Matthew.

In summing up, Matthew said: “I can’t imagine how it could be any better. The attention to detail, the caring approach of the staff and management, and the overall quality of service make Nexus stand out in my eyes.

“They really are unusual for companies these days.”

*Names changed to maintain anonymity.

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