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Covid-19 Statement
In view of the fast changing situation resulting from the spread of Covid-19 Coronavirus, we are continuing to constantly manage our response to this virus and we want to reassure all of our customers and carers that we are taking all necessary steps to minimise the risk of infection. We follow advice closely from the Government, NHS, Public Health England and CQC. All of our carers are equipped with the required PPE and we are in touch daily with our suppliers to ensure that we have adequate amounts of PPE stock to ensure the continued protection the our carers and those we care for.


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A Leader in Quality Care

My name is John Court and I am the founder and owner of Nexus Care Services. Together, with a dedicated team of carers and an exceptional management team, we ensure that the quality of care that we provide to our clients is at the centre of everything that we do.

I have owned and managed my own healthcare businesses for almost 30 years. I believe that I understand what our clients need and the peace of mind that they and their families seek when choosing a provider of care. I pride myself on knowing all of our clients and we take many measures to ensure that quality checks are completed and that our clients have the opportunity to review their needs on a regular basis. We call this “Person Centred Care”.

Nexus is a privately owned, family run business and we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can provide carers at any time, for any duration and without obligation.

We do not tie our clients into long and confusing contracts. We keep our charge rate simple and we only charge for time we provide. Our services can be amended, increased or decreased and indeed terminated without notice. Our clients ask for a simple, clearly explained, affordable and appropriate level of care for their needs. It is my job to ensure that they have exactly what they ask for and we always strive to exceed their expectations.

Reliability, punctuality, consistency, respect, consideration and clarity are the key drivers in our business. Registered and Regulated by the Care Quality Commission I believe Nexus Care Services is the ultimate provider of care. I am so committed to that belief that I proudly display my personal mobile phone number so that I can be contacted at any time should the need arise; 07494 398 446.


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Our {exceptional} Team

Joining the team at Nexus is not easy; we vigorously check those that apply. This includes a full DBS check, employment history verification; skills match and references.

Then they have to complete an interview and demonstrate why they believe they can add benefit to the services that we provide and the values that we promote.

For those that are successful they can enjoy a pay rate that is higher than most of our competitors. It is our belief that if Nexus pays

the highest pay rates in the industry then we will continue to attract and retain exceptional carers. It is working well so far!

Our carers become part of a team that is managed by Senior Carers and they in turn are managed by our Care Manager.

Everything that we do is designed to deliver the quality of care that we promise to deliver. We are not like other providers of care. We are Nexus and that makes us unique, dedicated and very good at what we do.

Community Care

Our community care division provides support for those people who are able to take care of their own personal care needs but who need a little extra help to achieve tasks within the community.

This might be the preparation of a home cooked meal, shopping, gardening, housework or transport from A to B.

We also provide help for those clients who need to attend a doctor’s appointment or visit a hospital. Tasks that they prefer to have someone with them.

The team at Nexus acknowledge that some of our clients may need more than carers to help them around their homes. Those that are more able still prefer assistance so that they feel safer when out and about; while those less able need support with community based tasks.

Our community Care Division has access to a wide range of partner business’s that help us to help our clients. This includes building work, general maintenance, converting bathrooms to wet rooms or the installation of a stair lift. We share excellent relationships with those partners who carry out this type of work on our behalf.

“I am extremely grateful for and impressed by the drivers”

Ms T – Streetly

Care of the Elderly – Independent Living

It is not always an easy decision to invite carers into your home, once you do you deserve only the best carers.

Nexus carers are all local to the area that our clients live in and we always make sure that the same carers attend as often as possible so that trusting relationships can be formed.

Our services to the elderly in their own homes will include exactly what our clients need. Our services are wide and flexible. They often include morning calls to assist our clients to wash and dress, prepare breakfast and assist with medication. They will prepare a home cooked meal at lunch times, assist our clients in the bathroom if needed while protecting their dignity and requirements. Supper calls in the afternoon or early evening to provide a snack and make sure they are safe and well. Evening calls to assist our clients safely into bed and we can provide overnight calls on the basis of a sleepover or waking night.

Often, families just want to know that their parents and loved ones are safe and well, have a hot meal and companionship and a good old gossip. Each client undergoes a full assessment of their needs. We use that information to prepare a care plan and within the care plan there are details recorded of each visit and a task sheet that enables us to amend our clients’ needs instantly. Full details of our Insurance, CQC registration and ICO registration are contained within each care plan.

It is not so much a case of what we can do but more about what our clients need, want and prefer.

We invoice our charges weekly. Just one hourly rate that remains the same, all the time, (except for bank holidays). This helps our clients and their families to budget accurately for care and with no surprises or hidden charges. Just one hourly rate – always.

“I very much appreciate the feeling of safety that I always have when living at home with these carers who work so hard always”

Ms M –Sutton Coldfield

Advocacy Service

There is no doubt that today’s fast paced world can seem very daunting for the elderly. We live in a society that is dominated by the internet and forms to complete for this-and-that, benefits to claim, pensions to arrange, district nurses and social workers to deal with. And so much of it today can only be “on-line”. For most of us, the speed of access on the internet allows us to do things in a fraction of the time. But for some of our elderly folks it can all seem very confusing.

Nexus provides “Advocates” for this very reason. Our Advocates are not carers themselves but they are people who are very experienced in dealing with all matters on behalf of another person. Our Advocates can arrange all of the things that our clients require in order to ensure that they receive the services they are entitled to and need.

It might be to deal with utility providers to ensure that the best price is obtained; helping to sort out pension payments, speaking to banks and other organisations. Our Advocates have no power or authority to act independently; they can only act on the instructions of our clients and with their knowledge and consent. Everything that our Advocates do is recorded and checked. It is a safe and trusted service.

Having another person to speak on your behalf does not suit all of us but for those who cannot manage todays on-line requirements or multi choice automated answering services then an Advocate can ensure the task is completed to the clients requirements and satisfaction. As and when they need the assistance.

“There is a feeling that you have all become friends. I would be very happy to recommend Nexus without reserve”

Mr B – Castle Vale

Care in Education

More disabled people than ever have been able to access [directly] education at all levels. Universities, schools and colleges have made access in terms of environment and academically much easier.

Our “care in Education” division enables students to have the assistance of a carer to help them with their needs while attending an educational building.

We match our carers to the needs of the student as closely as possible and where we can we engage carers who have attended the same level of learning as the student is undertaking so that there is real synergy between the carer and student.

Whether it’s to scribe, interpret or just general assistance that’s needed then Nexus can help.

There have been many barriers to education for disabled students over the years and we work hard to ensure that we remove as many of those that we can and provide assistance where it is needed most.

Care in Education extends to the classroom and we provide assistance to students of all ages.

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“It’s the best thing we did in having Nexus”

Mr G – Yardley

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