Children’s Services

Your child’s journey to independence starts here.

We believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to thrive and be happy. Located in Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, and Tamworth, we are dedicated to serving young people aged 13-18 through our comprehensive range of support services.

What we offer

  • Social support: Helping young people build meaningful relationships.
  • Personal assistant support: Providing the extra help needed in daily activities.
  • Educational support: Offering note-taking and other academic aids.
  • Developmental support: Fostering skills for independent living.
  • Recreation and companionship: Making life enjoyable through social activities.

The Nexus difference

What sets us apart is our person-centred approach. Our Managing Director, Tinga Umera, puts it best:

Having the additional help from Nexus has meant the difference between having no life at all and having a life!

The ‘All About Me’ plan

Our commitment to person-centred care is encapsulated in our ‘All About Me’ plan.

This comprehensive plan ensures that we have detailed information about each young person’s personal care requirements so we can prioritise their needs accordingly.

It serves as a guide for engaging and interacting with them, championing their individual voice, and facilitating meaningful engagement with their caregivers.

Start your plan today

Listening to you

We believe in the power of communication.

Our aim is to build a culture of trust and openness, valuing feedback from our young clients and their families.

We are committed to making continuous improvements to our services based on your input and always take your child’s requests into account.

Ready to take the first step in your child’s journey to independence?

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