Nexus Events maintains inaugural year’s momentum with an exciting array of excursions in 2023

In 2022, we introduced Nexus Events with the goal of enriching the lives of our clients, offering them joyous experiences and a respite from loneliness and mental health challenges.

It’s clear that Nexus Events has exceeded our expectations, bringing a new level of excitement and engagement to our clients’ lives.

This year, Nexus Events picked up where 2022 left off, and then some, with events taking place every week throughout 2023.

Monica Paraschiv, Nexus Care Events Manager, reflects on the year: “The variety and enjoyment of our 2023 events have been phenomenal. Our clients relish these outings, which offer a delightful break from their daily routines.”

Looking ahead to 2024, we’re excited to continue this momentum with an array of events planned for the first quarter, including a pantomime visit, a River Trent cruise, and a special Valentine’s Day afternoon tea. Stay tuned to our newsletters for more details on these upcoming events.

For more information about Nexus Events or to sign up for any future events, please get in touch with us today.

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