Disability Support for Education

Care in Education

More disabled people than ever have been able to access [directly] education at all levels. Universities, schools and colleges have made access in terms of environment and academically much easier.

Our disability support for education, or “care in Education” division enables students to have the assistance of a carer to help them with their needs while attending an educational building.

We match our carers to the needs of the student as closely as possible and where we can we engage carers who have attended the same level of learning as the student is undertaking so that there is real synergy between the carer and student.

Whether it’s to scribe, interpret or just general assistance that’s needed then Nexus can help.

There have been many barriers to education for disabled students over the years and we work hard to ensure that we remove as many of those that we can and provide assistance where it is needed most.

Care in Education extends to the classroom and we provide assistance to students of all ages.

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