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We offer an advocacy service as there is no doubt that today’s fast-paced world can seem very daunting for the elderly. We live in a society that is dominated by the internet and forms to complete for this-and-that, benefits to claim, pensions to arrange, district nurses and social workers to deal with. And so much of it today can only be “online”. For most of us, the speed of access on the internet allows us to do things in a fraction of the time. But for some of our elderly folks, it can all seem very confusing.

Nexus provides “Advocates” for this very reason. Our Advocates are not carers themselves but they are people who are very experienced in dealing with all matters on behalf of another person. Our Advocates can arrange all of the things that our clients require in order to ensure that they receive the services they are entitled to and need.


It might be to deal with utility providers to ensure that the best price is obtained; help to sort out pension payments, speaking to banks and other organisations. Our Advocates have no power or authority to act independently; they can only act on the instruction of our clients and with their knowledge and consent. Everything that our Advocates do is recorded and checked. It is a safe and trusted service.

Having another person to speak on your behalf does not suit all of us but for those who cannot manage today’s online requirements or multiple-choice automated answering services then an Advocate can ensure the task is completed to the client’s requirements and satisfaction. As and when they need assistance.

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