Your wish is our command with our latest digital initiative

We are delighted to announce a new initiative aimed at enhancing the lives of those in care – our Digital Wishing Tree.

This pioneering approach is designed to bring joy and fulfilment to individuals receiving care by turning their simple wishes into reality, whether it is a supported outing to the shops or a movie day.

This initiative is more than just about fulfilling wishes – it’s about acknowledging the personal desires and interests of those in care, ensuring they continue to experience life’s joys and pleasures.


How the Digital Wishing Tree works

We are inviting those people in care and their families to submit wishes through a simple form available on our website here.

Every three months, the team at Nexus Care will select a wish to fulfil, bringing a personal dream or desire to life, which we hope to share in future.

each wish could be fulfilled by one of our management team who could join the successful applicant to help their wish come true.

Wishes could range from something as delightful as a visit to a local garden centre or a meal at a favourite restaurant.


The importance of person-centred care

At the heart of the Digital Wishing Tree initiative is our core principle – person-centred care.

This approach prioritises the personal preferences, needs, and values of individuals, ensuring that care services are tailored to support their independence and well-being.

By integrating personal wishes into care plans, we demonstrate a deep understanding of the importance of maintaining an individual’s dignity and joy.


Get involved

We encourage the participation of all individuals in our care, along with their families, to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

By submitting a wish, you can open the door to experiences that can significantly enhance the quality of life of a person in care.

Together, we can make a difference, one wish at a time.

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