Robert and Louisa’s story

Robert and Louisa* are both 90 years old and have been married for more than 68 years.

The couple continue to live independently in their own home but Louisa, who has dementia, had gradually become more reliant upon her husband.

The strain of taking care of Louisa was becoming too much for Robert and so, when he received a leaflet advertising Nexus Care’s services, he decided to find out more.

“Our children had been encouraging me to get help for years but I had been putting it off, “said Robert. “I had already spoken to a few other providers but when I called Nexus I could tell straight away that they were different. They came round to the house for an interview and took time to listen to the help I felt I needed.”

“I’m lucky as I can still manage most jobs around the house but I was particularly struggling with preparing meals. Louisa had always been such a good cook and I’ve always been a bit clueless in the kitchen so we agreed that Nexus would help by coming in twice a week to prepare a hot meal for us at lunchtime.

“I tend to get all the ingredients out ready for our carer, Leanne, and when she arrives she does all the prep work, cooks us a lovely meal and washes up afterwards.

“She always asks if there’s anything else she can do and will often do the laundry for me and keep Louisa company which provides me with valuable respite to do things for myself and just take a break from being a carer for a few hours.”

Robert added: “We have had care in place through Nexus for around six months and I’m pleased to say it’s going very well indeed. The service is very reliable. If ever there’s going to be a delay – for example the other day Leanne had an emergency with another client – Elizabeth at head office phones straight away to let me know.”

They are a very efficient and helpful company and I’m very glad that I made the decision to seek their help.

“Looking back, I think the need for a little extra help was something that had crept up on me. I had been managing the best way I could for longer than I probably should have. But we all get to a point where we need a little extra help and the care my wife and I receive from Nexus makes our lives that little bit easier.”

*Names of clients have been changed to protect their identity

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