Piers’ Story

Piers is in his early 60s and lives in the West Midlands. He was born with cerebral palsy and although he has always been determined to live as independently as possible, in recent years he has struggled with certain tasks at home.

He explained: “After years of trying to cope, I finally admitted that I needed some extra help around the home about four and a half years ago. I was struggling to manage by myself. It was the little things, such as fastening zips and buttons and putting on my socks and shoes.

“Initially, I signed up with another care team and to be honest they weren’t very good. They never turned up on time and sometimes not at all!

“At the time I was working in the city centre five days a week so I needed to be certain that I could rely on a care team who would always be with me at 6.30am on the dot to help me get dressed and ready to go to work. I clearly couldn’t have a care team just turning up at any time of the day.”

“That’s when I got in touch with Nexus and I’m very glad I did because I haven’t looked back since. John and Sam came out to see me and they very quickly put a care team in place.  They’ve now been looking after me for around four years and they’ve been first rate.

“On the very odd occasions where they have had staffing issues John and Samuel have even come out themselves to take care of me rather than leaving me high and dry. I think that says a lot about the management team at Nexus.

“When I ended up in hospital for a month I knew when I was discharged, that I would need additional help to get me back on my feet. I phoned John on the Friday afternoon that I was coming out and that same evening he had carers in place to look after me – that’s how responsive they were.”

“In the past few years life has been a bit more challenging for me but the care team have helped me get ready in the morning so I can get to work on time and it just makes everything a lot easier for me.

“Having the additional help from Nexus has meant the difference between having no life at all and having a life!”

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