Mark’s story

Mark* was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when he was just 21 years old. Now, in his late 70s he is increasingly reliant upon care at home to help him to live independently.

Sara is Mark’s advocate and, as such, she is responsible for helping to manage his day-to-day finances and also ensuring he has the right level of care to meet his needs.

She explained: “Mark’s condition has unfortunately deteriorated in the last few years. He had previously been able to walk with the aid of a stick but lately his mobility has declined to the point where he is reliant upon an electric wheelchair.

“His care needs have also increased, and he now has carers who go in four times a day to help him with meals, getting dressed and showering.

“Mark has used Nexus since 2016 and they have been absolutely marvellous. As his care needs have escalated, they have kept pace with his requirements. The carers from Nexus always come on time and do exactly what they are supposed to – they are 100% reliable which is really important.

“He has a team of around six regular carers, and they go above and beyond – not only in the level or care they provide but also in the companionship they provide, as they have struck up a really close friendship with him.

“Some evenings they will accompany him for a meal out or a drink at his local pub. Mark has very few relatives and without the Nexus care team he would be lost, and he would be very isolated. They raise his spirits, and he really looks forward to their visits.”

Mark also attends Nexus events and loves going out on day trips, as well as attending coffee mornings and pub lunches where he gets to visit new places and meet new people.

Sara added: “It’s fair to say that Mark is a bit of a character. He is sometimes a little bit rude and has a tendency to swear but the care team are used to his ways, and they take everything in their stride.

“’Mark calls the Nexus team ‘his little family.’ He absolutely loves them, and they think the world of him too”.

Nexus Care Manager, Tracey also speaks highly of Mark. “I started with Nexus in 2019. Mark was one of my first clients. He was so jolly and thankful for everything the carers did for him. Mark made me feel so welcome and it was like I had known him all my life. He makes you leave your shift with a smile.”

*N. B Client’s name has been changed to protect their identity

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