Josephine* and Julie’s* story

*Names have been altered to protect our clients’ identities

Josephine* is 79 and lives with a number of conditions that affect her health – she is partially blind, has a serious respiratory condition and also has osteoporosis which has left her very frail.

Although she continues to live in her own home, Josephine’s ability to take care of herself has reduced over time and she now needs daily care to maintain her independence, which is funded through her local authority.

Her daughter, Julie*, explains: “After a few false starts with care companies that left a lot to be desired, we found Nexus and have been with them for around 12 months. They provide mum with four visits a day, helping her get up and washed and dressed. They prepare her meals three times a day, ensure she has a constant supply of drinks and also help her to bed at night.

“We have the same regular team that visit her and over the months they have developed a great relationship – they all really like mum and she absolutely loves them!

“I really appreciate the fact that they don’t just do the bare minimum but are always checking up on mum and how she is feeling. They know what is ‘normal’ for her and if they see any deterioration in her health they are straight on the phone to me, to let me know her breathing is not so good or her legs, which are ulcerated, need to be seen by a district nurse.

“It’s this level of care and oversight that I really appreciate. It gives me peace of mind that they are always looking out for her.”

Although Julie is a big fan of Nexus, she is unfortunately often left frustrated by the way the local authority social care system operates which can cause problems if Josephine is admitted to hospital.

Julie explains: “If mum is in hospital for more than seven days, when she is ready for discharge the care package is automatically ‘brokered out’ again by the local authority which often means that for the first six weeks we have to put up with another care agency who are invariably not of the same high standard as Nexus.

“I then have to phone up social services and really push for mum’s care to be transferred back to Nexus which does eventually happen but during this time mum is receiving care from another provider that doesn’t understand her needs quite so well.

“However, of late, my local authority has got to know me – they are aware that as soon as mum is discharged I’ll be on the phone to them insisting that her care is transferred back to Nexus so the last time it didn’t take as long!

“It is a vexing situation because the system just ‘resets’ and sends you back to square one when care is suspended due to a hospital admission. It has certainly been a learning curve and I would recommend that anyone who finds themselves in a similar position with a relative pushes hard to have their preferred care team reinstated after a hospital stay.

“We certainly feel that the care Nexus provides means they are worth fighting for and mum is much happier when she has her regular team of carers looking after her.”

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