Nexus Care Services’ Managing Director Completes 10K Run for Cardiac Risk in the Young

In a heartwarming display of determination and community spirit, our Managing Director of Nexus Care Services, along with close friends, has completed a 10-kilometre run – raising much-needed funds for Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY)!

Setting out on Sunday 24 March, our Managing Director, Tinga, along with friends Kulbir and Kash took part in ‘The Wolverhampton 10K’.

The goal was simple, to raise enough funds to provide heart testing for the community’s youth, with each test costing £65.

With the support of their friends, family and colleagues the trio together raised an incredible £3,000.

This impressive feat will help to fund up to 100 heart tests for young individuals at risk of cardiac arrest, shining a light on a vital health issue within communities across the UK.

The money that they have raised will help to combat the alarming statistics surrounding undiagnosed cardiac conditions in the young.

CRY reports that every week, 12 fit and healthy individuals under 35 in the UK die from undiagnosed cardiac conditions, a sobering statistic that spurred the trio into action.

The run, completed in one hour and two minutes by Tinga, was more than a physical endeavour; it symbolised this dedication to supporting the futures of young people.

Speaking about the support he had received, Tinga said: “This collective effort showcases the power of community and the impact of raising awareness and funds for such a crucial cause.

“Last year we launched our own new home care service for children and young people, and so we know the importance that the right care and medical support can have on younger people.

“It was a tough challenge, but we are delighted with how much we have managed to raise for CRY.”

As the team crossed the finish line, it was not just a personal victory but a communal triumph, knowing that their hard work and perseverance would directly contribute to providing life-saving heart tests to young people.

“With every step and every pound raised, lives will be changed, and potentially saved, thanks to the efforts of those who supported us,” added Tinga. “I can’t thank everyone enough for their incredible support.”

For more information on how you can support Cardiac Risk in the Young, please visit their website and consider donating to continue the vital work of providing heart tests to the young.

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