Getting your parent ready for home care

Reaching out for extra support for your parent is a big decision, but the move to get them extra support in the comfort of their own home can be vital for their physical and mental well-being.

We understand you might be feeling a lot of things all at once. Whilst it can feel overwhelming, ultimately deciding on home care is about making sure your parent has what they need to live happily and safely at home.

Our team have put together this guide to help you get ready for this move:

Recognising the need for home care

The signs that extra support is needed can be subtle, from small changes in physical health to neglected household tasks.

Keeping an eye out for any changes that are causing concern is essential for taking the next step to get your family member the support they need. You can read more on the most common signs to look out for here.

Choosing the type of care required can also be a challenge.

The main reasons why home care may be more appropriate than a care home are:

Talking it through

Having an open conversation about your concerns and exploring the potential solutions can be tricky, with this often being a sensitive subject to broach.

However, talking this through and seeing how your parent feels about receiving home care is so important.

One of the key positives of home care is that your loved one can keep doing the things they love, on their own terms, which can be key in the decision-making process.

Ensure to involve your family in this decision and discuss any concerns.

Assessing the support needed

If you come to the collective decision that home care is the best option, you then need to think about the level of support your parent needs.

Everyone’s different, so a person-centred approach is essential. They may need a bit of extra help around the house, personal care, or support to run errands.

The good news is that you don’t need to figure this out alone!

Our team offer a no-obligation assessment within 48 hours of the initial enquiry to identify the support your loved one needs. If you decide to choose Nexus for home care support, our team uses this to tailor their care plan and implement this as quickly as possible (in at least 7 days).

Choosing a care provider

Picking the right care provider is a key decision and one you’ll want to make as a family.

There are a lot of options out there which can make the process overwhelming.

During our (almost) 10 years of supporting individuals across the West Midlands, we’ve found that the key markers of an excellent care provider are:

We maintain this person-centred approach through every aspect of our care, to ensure our clients’ needs are properly met and we adapt to any changes as quickly as possible.

For example, one of our clients said the following about how we supported their loved one following a hospital visit:

“What really impressed me was how quickly all the managers gathered around me to create a strategy for her care when she came out. They seemed to genuinely care about her wellbeing and included me in the conversation!”

Picking a care provider who understands the obstacles you, and your parent, face is vital to getting the best support possible.

Preparing the home

In some cases, your parent’s home may need some adaptations to best support their care, such as a stairlift, ramps, step rails, or a walk-in shower.

You may be able to get support from your council to lower the cost of adaptations, more information can be found on this here. Your loved one may also be entitled to Attendance Allowance if they have a severe disability that requires care from someone else.

Some other considerations to support your parent in their home include:

Adjusting to the change

Once you have chosen a provider, it can take time for your loved one to get used to home care and feel comfortable.

For your loved one, it may be difficult to adapt to having the support of someone new. We understand this can be stressful, so our dedicated management team are on hand to check and settle new clients when they join Nexus.

Your parent can also sign up for our Nexus Events to support them in getting out and doing the things they love – from meals out to day trips to local beauty spots! This helps them maintain their connections in the community and to meet new friends to support their well-being.

Equally, it can be an adjustment for you if you were supporting your parent previously. From being in the same position, we’re here to reassure you that this is completely normal.

However, getting the extra support your loved one needs will not only help them, it also gives you some much-needed downtime. As one of our clients said: “Having the additional help from Nexus has meant the difference between having no life at all and having a life!”

Throughout the process, it’s important to remember that deciding on home care is a sign of love and care.

With the right guidance, understanding, and open conversation, you can make this a positive experience for everyone involved.

If you would like to know more about home care and the services we offer, visit our websitecontact us, or email us today at

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