The importance of innovative services for children and young people

By Tinga Umera, Managing Director at Nexus Care Services

The care sector was revealed by Forbes to be among the UK’s fastest growing industries in 2023, with more firms and more clients in the market than ever before.

Under these circumstances, it is strange that the needs for home care of young people are still going unmet, compounded by a lack of bespoke services and difficulties tackling the social stigma associated with young people’s care.

We’ve launched our dedicated children’s services in a bid to identify the needs of young care clients and evolve the support offered to them.

Nexus children’s services

Our team has stepped up its innovative approach in 2023, launching our dedicated services for children and young people this year, delivering bespoke care for young clients with needs that may have gone overlooked in the industry as a whole.

Serving young people aged 13 to 18 in the West Midlands and beyond, our care services provide:

We know that, during a key developmental point in their lives, young people need a unique approach to care which views their support as a holistic plan.

All About Me

We’re committed to delivering person-centred care that meets individual needs.

Through our ‘All About Me’ plan, around which all care for children and young people is shaped, we ensure we have detailed information about each young person and their care requirements – allowing us to prioritise accordingly.

A guide to us and for them, we use these plans to fully engage young people in their care and provide them with as much agency as possible.

We also find that it helps young people and carers to navigate their first few meetings before they get to know one another.

It supports our staff in championing the individual voices of our young people and making sure they get the care they need.

Education and development

We know it can be challenging for a young person to adjust to having care.

Our services emphasise all-round development, so we help our young clients to get the most out of their education with:

We’re also there to help with learning new skills for independent living – to help our clients support themselves and achieve as much independence as possible.

Social support

Helping young people build meaningful relationships is at the core of our children’s services, focusing on holistic quality of life and long-term growth.

From our collective experience, we find that engaging children in accessible play and activities helps them build the basic social skills and relationships which will help them later in life.

For older children and young people, supporting taking part in activities and recreation can help our young clients build their social group.

By incorporating care into their social activities from an early stage, we can also work towards removing the stigma which is sometimes associated with young people receiving care.

Diversified support for young people

Our goal is to raise awareness of the care requirements of young people and make it clear that older people are not the only demographic that may need care services.

This removal of stigma is central to our person-centred approach to all care.

Ever passionate about evidence-based care, we employed our research into the needs and regulations around children’s services to drive our new offering.

By tapping into this market with our breadth and depth of experience, we’ve created an innovative expansion of our core operations that will support the long-term growth and wellbeing of our clients.


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