Become a Certified Carer with Nexus – Where growth never stops

If you are thinking of starting a career in care, becoming a certified carer can help pave the way for a rewarding profession dedicated to helping others.

At Nexus Care, we understand the importance of thorough training, which is why we offer our staff a paid Care Certificate that encompasses all the mandatory training you need to kickstart your career in care.

This initiative ensures that every aspiring carer has access to essential learning without the financial burden.

In addition to covering the Care Certificate, we also provide ongoing training for our carers.

Our training is extensive and is designed to cover a broad spectrum of topics, both beginner and advanced. This ensures you are well-prepared to meet the varied needs of those you will support.

We are committed to ongoing development through regular training, and we offer both paid and higher-level training options. These options aim to enhance your skills and knowledge, ensuring your growth throughout your time at Nexus.

What does our training include?

Our training is designed to be as comprehensive as possible, ensuring you not only meet the required standards but also excel in your role.

What is the Care Certificate?

The Care Certificate is a set of standards that health and social care workers adhere to in their daily working lives.

The certificate was developed by Skills for Care, Health Education England and Skills for Health.

The Care Certificate is made up of 15 essential standards designed for those who are new to the care sector and should form part of a comprehensive induction programme. Part of the standards include:

And more.

Soft skills to help your career in care

While technical knowledge and practical skills are crucial, the development of your soft skills plays a vital role in your success as a carer. These include:

If you are contemplating a career in care, we also provide an exclusive chance for you to experience firsthand what it’s like to be a carer through our ‘Volunteer for a Day’ recruitment initiative. Interested in learning more? Click here.

Are you interested in working for Nexus and becoming a carer? Check out our vacancies here.

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