The rise of winter pressures and Nexus Care’s role in managing this

It is no secret that the winter months bring with them a whole host of challenges for the National Health Service (NHS), particularly in caring for the elderly.

These winter pressures see a spike in health-related issues, leading to increased demands on NHS resources.


Escalating health challenges during winter

As the climate begins to cool during the winter months, many types of illnesses and other health hazards increase rapidly. These include:


Staffing and infrastructure strains on the NHS

Winter pressures don’t just affect the elderly. Problems during this time of year can impact those within the NHS itself. These can include:


Nexus Care Services steps in to provide essential support, complementing the efforts of the NHS during these challenging times. Our approach includes:

We recognise the issues of overcrowding in wards and extended waiting times in A&E departments, especially during the winter months.

In response, we provide extra support through specialised care services and rapid care assessments, aiming to lighten the pressure on the NHS.

If you would like to know more about our speed of assessments or anything else about how we help in the battle against winter pressures, please contact us today.

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