Nexus Care Services’ Managing Director crosses finish line in Race Against Dementia

In a commendable display of commitment and support for dementia awareness, Tinga Umera, the Managing Director of Nexus Care Services, participated in the Race Against Dementia.

Held on 21 January, this charity event focused on fostering understanding and support for those living with dementia.

It saw a significant gathering of community members, healthcare professionals, caregivers, and advocates, united for a common cause.

Tinga’s involvement is a testament to Nexus Care Services’ dedication to more than just professional care.

That is why we were delighted to donate £100, following Tinga’s 3K walk in chilly conditions. This gesture reinforces the company’s resolve to support dementia research and the provision of essential support services.

Following the race, Tinga said: “My participation in the event underscores our ethos of compassionate care and community involvement. It reflects our dedication to making a difference in the lives of those affected by dementia, both through their professional services and community support initiatives.”

As always, our team stands ready to offer support and assistance to those whose lives are touched by dementia.

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