Nexus Care Services celebrates the dedication and success of Kelly and Paula

At Nexus Care Services, we take immense pride in acknowledging the dedication and hard work of our team members.

Today, we are thrilled to celebrate the long service of two exceptional Senior Carers, Kelly Maxwell-Keys and Paula Baldock, who have been an integral part of our family for the last five years.

Kelly Maxwell-Keys has recently taken on an exciting new role as our ‘Staff Representative’. This pivotal position allows her to become the voice for our carers in the field, offering them a platform to discuss any issues or queries.

In this role, Kelly works closely with the senior management team, ensuring that the concerns and insights of our carers are heard and addressed.

Her transition to this role signifies not just her commitment to her profession but also her dedication to the well-being and professional growth of her peers.

Both Kelly and Paula have established an excellent rapport with our clients over the years.

Their ability to connect with and understand the needs of those they care for is nothing short of remarkable.

They have consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism and empathy, which has not only endeared them to clients but also made them role models for the team.

Samuel Court, our Director at Nexus Care Services, said: “Their teamwork and support for each other and the team have been exemplary. They embody the values that Nexus Care Services stands for – compassion, excellence, and teamwork.

“Their dedication to their work and the people they care for has been a constant source of inspiration and has significantly contributed to the positive work environment at Nexus Care Services.”

Nexus Care Services is proud to have Kelly Maxwell-Keys and Paula as part of our team, and we look forward to their continued contributions and successes in the years to come.

Their journey with us is not just a story of individual success but a reflection of our collective commitment to excellence in care.

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