Join Nexus Care Services and strike the perfect work-life balance

For parents striving to balance work with family life, there is a common dilemma – the cost of childcare often outweighs the benefits of working.

Add to this a desire to carefully manage your work/life balance and many carers feel conflicted about their availability.

Nevertheless, the demand for our care continues to grow – especially during less sociable hours in the early morning and evening.

This is why we’re excited to offer a revolutionary solution, which not only supports the careers of carers but also helps them to manage their work/life balance.


Introducing ‘Block Calls’

Our ‘Block Call’ system is designed with the needs of our team in mind. You can choose to work a shift of either 7am – 12pm, 8am – 1pm or 5pm – 10pm.

The best part?

If your shift is cancelled by the client or finishes early, you still receive full pay for your scheduled block.

This ensures stability and predictability in your income while ensuring we continue to deliver award-winning services when our clients need us most.


Childcare support like never before

We go a step further in supporting working parents. If you need to place your children in a breakfast or pre-school club, Nexus Care Services will cover this expense!

This initiative is our commitment to ensuring that working with us enhances, not hinders, your family life.


Why Nexus Care Services stands out

Joining our team means you’ll enjoy a range of benefits that reflect our appreciation for your hard work and dedication:

A career that cares for you

Our innovative approach to work-life balance, especially for parents, sets us apart in the healthcare industry.

Join us and experience a work environment where your family needs are understood and supported, where your career growth is as important as your personal growth.

Apply today and take the first step towards a fulfilling career that harmoniously blends with your family life.

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