Nexus Care Services makes the big day extra special for bride

The family of one beautiful bride have thanked Nexus Care Services for making their big day less stressful thanks to the support they delivered to the father of the bride.

Gordon a regular user of Nexus’s care services was excited to escort his daughter down the aisle, but his wife Elizabeth felt he may need some extra help during the matrimonial.

Elizabeth Stacey spoke with Nexus Care Services before the special event and put in place a plan that ensured everyone was able to enjoy the wedding to its fullest.

With the help of Penny – one of Nexus’s compassionate and long-serving staff members and Gordon’s regular carer – he was dressed in his best and was able to join his daughter down the aisle.

Elizabeth said: “Penny was efficient and effective in her role throughout the day. She blended in well with the family and involved Gordon and herself in the day, making the experience enjoyable for everyone. Penny helped dress Gordon on the day and made him look lovely to be able to escort his daughter down the aisle, which was a dream come true for Gordon.”

While the big day was particularly special for Gordon and his daughter, for the first time in years, Elizabeth experienced the joy of the occasion by knowing and having peace of mind that Gordon’s well-being was being looked after by Penny.

I almost forgot Gordon was there for the day because Penny took care of everything,” added Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s thanks highlight the profound impact Penny and Nexus Care Services had on this once-in-a-lifetime occasion – allowing the entire family to immerse themselves in the celebration and create lasting memories with Gordon.

Samuel Court, a Director at Nexus Care Services, said: “We are continually committed to enhancing the lives of our clients and their families.

“This special day exemplifies our dedication to providing not just care, but also moments of joy and normalcy in extraordinary circumstances.

“We congratulate the Stacey family on the wedding and are honoured to have contributed to such a special day.”

If you know of any relatives, friends or families who require extra help with special occasions, please call 0121 308 2906 or contact us.

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