Nexus Care Services addresses NHS winter crisis with tailored care solutions in the West Midlands

Considering the recent reports highlighting the unprecedented pressures facing NHS this winter, leading West Midlands home care specialists Nexus Care Services are leading the way with support and solutions.

The NHS is currently grappling with delays in emergency care, potentially impacting patient safety and the efficiency of healthcare services.

Recent data has revealed that more than 80% of people are waiting over 30 minutes for an ambulance, and in November, 30% of patients were waiting to be seen in A&E for longer than the target time of four hours.

Samuel, Director of Nexus Care Services, commented on the situation: “The current state of the NHS, especially during these winter months, is concerning and we want to help.

“With overcrowding in wards and extended waiting times in A&E, it’s clear that additional support mechanisms are required. We are committed to alleviating this pressure through our specialised care services and speedy care assessments.”

The winter season traditionally brings an increase in respiratory illnesses, flu, and other conditions, particularly affecting the elderly.

This surge in demand places a strain on the NHS, leading to increased admission and staff shortages.

Nexus Care Services recognises the specific needs of the elderly and vulnerable, especially during these challenging months. Their approach has been recognised by a number of prestigious awards this year as part of being industry best practice. Their home care focuses on customised plans, swift assessments, and supportive options such as respite care and sleep-in assistance, all contributing to easing the strain on the NHS in the West Midlands.

“We realise that to support the NHS, we need to act quickly. Traditionally there have been barriers that have prevented some care providers from delivering effective care quickly, but we feel and have proven that these can be overcome,” said Samuel. “Given this, we have improved our ability to assess patients within 48 hours and deliver the right care within seven days or quicker. Our rapid response not only ensures timely care for patients, but also helps free up hospital beds and resources. We’d like to work more closely with the hospitals to this effect.

“The challenges facing the NHS this winter are unprecedented, and it’s important that we all play a part in supporting our healthcare system.

“We understand the importance that effective and speedy healthcare can have on other parts of the NHS in alleviating pressure. Together, we can make a meaningful difference.”

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