Nexus Care Matters podcast – Latest episode available now

This year saw the introduction of the ‘Nexus Care Matters’ podcast. With so much knowledge of the care sector, the podcast became a great opportunity to share our thoughts and insights into the sector and to give people valuable information and advice.

The latest episode of the Nexus Care Matters which focuses on ‘Winter Pressures’, is now available to listen to on our website or Spotify, alongside the many other subjects and topics that have been discussed this year.

In this episode, Directors Tinga and Samuel explore the impact of the winter months on the elderly and vulnerable. They delve into the unique challenges this season presents to the care sector, including the increased demand for services that provide support in these areas.

Tinga and Samuel talk about how Nexus Care has made it their agenda to be part of the solution in helping the industry during times of ‘Winter Pressure’ and how they are leading the charge to do this.

Listen to our latest podcast

The podcast also features information about the rapid speed of assessments that Nexus Care provides, something that they pride themselves in.

This approach enables quicker implementation of care, thereby enabling the prompt discharge of patients from hospitals and helping to free up hospital beds more efficiently.

Our latest podcast is a must-listen for anyone worried about care requirements during the winter months and what Nexus Care can do to help.

Keep an eye out for the Nexus Care Matters podcast in 2024, where we’ll be enhancing the experience with new guests, including staff members who will offer expert insights into the care industry.

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