2023 – A year of upskilling, expanding and innovating in care

In 2023, Nexus Care Services has taken significant strides in enhancing our services, training, and expanding our reach, both locally and internationally.

Our commitment to improving standards and offering comprehensive care to our clients has been at the forefront of our efforts.

A major development this year was the training of several carers to Auxiliary Nurses.

This initiative has enabled our carers to advance their skills and knowledge, particularly in areas like urine dip testing, which helps in early detection of infections and reduces hospitalisations.

Continuing our focus on staff development, all Nexus staff undertook advanced courses in various critical areas.

Our training manager, Tonia, attended a ‘Training the Trainers’ course, enabling us to further upskill our team in Medication, Moving and Handling, Catheters, Safeguarding, and First Aid. This initiative aligns with our strategy to provide continual, excellent care and clear career progression paths for our staff.

We were also proud to announce the promotion of Teresa and Rachael to Operations Managers.

The introduction of our senior carers in 2023 has made a significant impact, both to our clients, who have benefitted from an expert, high-quality level of care, and to our younger carers, who have gained invaluable knowledge and training that our senior carers bring.

Their extensive experience and deep understanding of our company culture made them ideal for overseeing client care coordination and support, working closely with our senior carers and auxiliary nurses.

This year marked a major expansion for us with the formation of Nexus Care Services Inc. in Florida, USA. Led by Yashira, this venture aims to bring our British core values and high-quality care to the elderly residents in Florida.

Yashira’s expertise in patient care and business management is crucial in establishing our presence in the American healthcare market.

Additionally, we have secured a partnership with Adlington Retirement Living, becoming the primary care provider at their new independent living complex in Wylde Green.

This partnership allows us to extend our expert care and support to more residents in a modern, secure environment.

We have also launched Nexus Children’s & Young Adults’ Services, expanding our support to include social and educational assistance for young people aged 13-18.

This new service, part of our CQC services, is designed to offer a range of support, including notetaking, recreational activities, and companionship, maintaining our person-centred approach.

2023 has seen our efforts in training, service enhancement, and expansion reflect our dedication to providing the highest quality of care to our clients, both existing and new, across different age groups and regions.

As we bring in the New Year, we are looking forward to sharing with you the plans we have for 2024.

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