Winter pressures and how Nexus Care are relieving the burden

Winter is a challenging period for the National Health Service (NHS). The colder, darker months bring an increase in respiratory illnesses, flu, and other conditions that disproportionately affect the elderly population.

This surge in demand puts additional strain on already stretched NHS resources. However, our private care can offer a viable solution to relieve this burden.

The winter crisis in the NHS

The NHS faces a whole host of challenges during winter, including:

How Nexus Care Services can help

Tailored care plans

Nexus focuses on individual person-centred tailored care plans. As care requirements increase or decrease, we work with clients to ensure they receive the level of care they require at any given time.

This approach minimises unnecessary hospital admissions and readmissions, which are a significant burden on the NHS, especially during winter. By providing the appropriate care at home, we help to free up essential hospital beds and resources, allowing the NHS to focus on specialised cases that require immediate medical intervention.

Speed of assessment

As part of our services, we can assess patients within 48 hours and have the right care for them within seven days.

This speed of assessment is something we are extremely proud of, it not only ensures that patients are seen as quickly as possible, but it frees up space at hospitals where the same people would be waiting for assessments for a longer period of time.

Respite care, waking nights and sleep-ins

If you are caring for an elderly relative, Nexus is on hand to provide respite care. Our team can schedule home visits, allowing you to take a break, be it to go for a coffee with a friend, or get that much-needed Christmas shopping taken care of.

Our sleep-in service is an extension of respite care. Our carers will stay overnight and care for your relative, giving you peace of mind that your loved one is being cared for.

We also provide a waking night service. This is where a carer is awake all night for reassurance, toileting, monitoring and much more. This is a more focused service, which requires our carers to remain awake and alert all through the night.

The benefits of these services can also positively impact the individual we are caring for, especially in terms of their mental health. A fresh face to talk to is always a good thing.

Quality carers

Nexus recruits only the best carers who see caring as a vocation, not just a job. We offer extensive training and ongoing support for all their staff, ensuring high-quality care.

Nexus’ well-trained and dedicated carers can identify early signs of medical issues and manage them before they escalate into more severe problems requiring hospital care.

With ongoing upskilling opportunities, including in-house training in medication and further courses by training manager, Tonia, the team can continue to refresh their skills.

This proactive approach not only ensures the well-being of the elderly but also reduces the workload on NHS staff, who are often stretched thin during peak seasons.

Community care

Our community care division provides extra support for those who can take care of their own personal care needs but require additional assistance in other areas.

By offering this layer of support, Nexus ensures that minor issues are addressed promptly, reducing the likelihood of them escalating into major health crises that require hospital care.

This extra helping hand also has a positive impact on an individual’s mental health, by feeling empowered to continue with daily tasks, especially as the nights get darker.

Small steps, such as a day trip or a meal out, can make a big difference and bring some positivity this winter. Nexus Events offers a range of events with the wellbeing of clients in mind, find out more here.

With our tailored care plans and high-quality carers, Nexus is well-positioned to make a meaningful difference this winter.

Please contact us today if you would like more information about the services we can provide and how we can help your relatives this winter.

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