Respite and night care – helping loved ones

At Nexus Care, we are acutely aware of the significant role that familial carers play in supporting their loved ones.

Providing round-the-clock care for someone can be both rewarding and demanding.

Recognising this, we offer a comprehensive range of home care services tailored to give these wonderful carers a well-deserved break and ensure their loved ones continue to receive the best care.

This is our commitment to promoting the health and wellbeing of not just our direct care clients, but also their families.

Respite care

Respite care is essentially a short-term break for familial carers.

It allows them to have some time for themselves, whether it be a few hours off, a weekend away or even a short holiday.

This ensures that their loved ones are in safe and trained hands, receiving the highest standard of care.

Benefits of respite care:

Night care

As night falls and the long winter evenings draw in, worries about the safety and welfare of your loved ones may become gradually more prominent.

Many families may also find it increasingly challenging to cater to the needs of their loved ones, especially if they suffer from conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

At Nexus Care, we offer a range of night care services aiming to provide the necessary support during the night-time hours, ensuring the safety and comfort of our care clients and peace of mind for their carers.

You can rest assured knowing that our dedicated team of carers and auxiliary nurses are trained to manage a range of situations that may occur during the night, ensuring the safety and comfort of your loved one.

Benefits of night care

Sleepover services

Our sleepover services are tailored to offer a reassuring presence in your loved one’s home overnight, offering assistance and companionship whenever needed.

This service not only provides peace of mind to both the client and their family but also ensures continuous welfare and security throughout the night.

Benefits of sleepover services

Waking night care

For those requiring more intensive support during the night, our waking night care service is designed to provide active and constant care.

Our carers remain vigilant, ensuring that the needs of our clients are met, whether it is assistance with toileting, hygiene, managing pain or simply offering reassurance.

Benefits of waking nights care

We are dedicated to not just providing top-tier care services but also recognising and supporting the incredible role that family carers play in the lives of their loved ones.

Our varied range of respite and night care services ensures that both familial carers and their family member have the personalised support they need, when they need it.

Remember, taking care of yourself is just as crucial as taking care of your loved one.

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At Nexus Care Services, we provide tailored care plans to support your individual needs. If you or a loved one needs support, contact us today at 0121 308 2906.

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