Listen to the latest episode of our podcast on Winter Pressures

The latest episode of the Nexus Care Matters podcast is now available for your listening pleasure, which focuses on ‘Winter Pressures’.

In this episode, Directors Tinga Umera and Samuel Court discuss the added challenges that the winter months bring to the care sector, and how hospitals cope with maintaining services during a period of the year when additional illnesses are common.

Tinga and Samuel talk about how Nexus Care have made it their agenda to be part of the solution in helping the NHS during times of ‘Winter Pressure’ and how they do this.

Listen to our latest podcast

The podcast also features information about the rapid speed of assessments that Nexus Care provides, something that they pride themselves in. This speed of assessment ensures that care can be put in place quickly, freeing up beds in hospitals and getting people discharged from hospitals in a speedier fashion.

This podcast is a must-listen for anyone worried about care requirements during the winter months and what Nexus Care can do to help.

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