The importance of nature for care residents

In our bustling, technology-driven world, the benefits of nature are often overlooked.

At Nexus Care we understand the importance of nature for both the physical and mental health of our care residents.

On 5 June 2023, it was World Environment Day, a global occasion that fosters awareness and action for the protection of our environment.

This occasion gave us a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the invaluable benefits of connecting with nature and its role in improving physical and mental health.

Hobbies and outdoor social activities

Engaging in hobbies that involve spending time in nature can be beneficial for residents, enhancing their overall well-being and care.

Nature-based hobbies, such as gardening and birdwatching, or nature walks provide a calming experience, allowing residents to connect with nature.

Participating in nature activities also offers residents the opportunity to interact socially, exchange experiences and connect with one another.

Gardening is a natural mood booster and a workout that strengthens both the body and mind. Bending, stretching, walking and balancing are all part of the activity, promoting strength and flexibility in a gentle, sustainable manner.

This exposure to nature has been shown to reduce stress, promote physical activity and improve mental well-being.

Nexus events

Here at Nexus, we focus on our residents’ well-being and understand the importance of going outside and socialising within the community.

Nexus Events was created in response to the pandemic lockdowns and the resulting isolation felt by our clients.

The aim of Nexus Events is to promote the well-being of our residents and encourage socialisation with old friends, new friends and by exploring new and familiar places.

Our current planned events include:

Our events are organised to cater to diverse interests and to prioritise the individual care needs of each client.

Improved mental health

The influence of nature on the mental well-being of care residents should not be overlooked.

The healing power of nature on mental health for care residents is truly remarkable. Spending time in nature or even viewing scenes of nature can reduce feelings of stress, anger and fear, while increasing pleasant feelings.

Exposure to nature has also been linked to improved concentration, increased self-esteem and a greater capacity for creativity, all contributing to a more positive mindset.

Nature’s role in care homes can provide substantial mental and physical health benefits to residents.

Exposure to nature enhances well-being, reduces stress, stimulates senses and fosters social interaction.

At Nexus Care Services, as part of our live-in care services, we understand the importance of social activities and their impact on residents’ health and well-being.

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You can also find out more about Nexus Events here.

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