Nexus Auxiliary Nurses make a difference in the community.

As part of their commitment to constantly improve their standards of staff training and the services they offer to clients, Nexus Care has trained a number of their carers up to the standard of Auxiliary Nurses.  

Introducing Auxiliary Nurses has allowed Nexus carers to learn more skills, become further advanced in their knowledge and understanding of conditions and become one step closer to community nursing should that be the route they wished to undertake further on in their career.  

The scheme has proved hugely popular, and staff had to meet a certain amount of training and complete a successful interview to be considered. This allowed them to be paid more and complete more duties within the community that our other carers are not able to do. 

“One of the advanced duties they can undertake is urine dip testing. This allowed them to be trained in checking for urine infections. This helps prevent hospitalisations by allowing families to directly contact the doctors for the right medication therefore allowing the client to remain at home and receive the right treatment sooner rather than later. Our Auxiliary Nurses help with our retention in recruitment and also allow for another level of external recruitment by standing out in the market,” said Samuel Court, Business Development Director at Nexus Care Services. 

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