What is it like to work for Nexus?

If you are thinking of becoming a carer, you may be confused as to what this might entail.

Being a carer is a rewarding role which comes with many benefits. At Nexus, we care about our employees and the work we do.

Benefits of being a carer

Not only will your job be rewarding but you’ll join our incredible team of carers.

We offer shadowing and training, which includes the recognised ‘Care Certificate’, meaning you’ll be able to gain experience in an environment that nurtures your growth as a carer.

You’ll be issued with two free uniforms on induction and will have double pay on bank holidays.

We offer premium pay rates of between £11 to £24 per hour and for weekend work our rates start from £12. Carers working full time can earn between £22,000 and £30,000 with overtime and weekend shifts available.

We offer career progression and auxiliary nurse opportunities which means you’ll be able to grow your skillset while working with us at Nexus. As a team, we want to support you to gain confidence and experience, there will be opportunities for development.

There are a wide range of benefits offered here at Nexus including:

– Holiday pay

– Paid travel time and mileage

– Universal agreement for employment

– Hours to suit your lifestyle

– Weekly pay

– Paid care certificate

– 24/7 support

– Pension scheme

What will you be doing?

There are a range of tasks you will carry out as part of your job as a carer with us, some of these include:

– Being gentle with personal care

– Engaging in conversations

– Checking their environment is safe

– Cooking and preparing meals

– Being kind

– Putting our client’s needs first

– Being a companion

– Ensuring everything we do is person centred

You will be helping with Personal Care Requirements including washing, showering, applying creams, helping with toileting and assisting to dress.

You may also be helping with preparing hot meals and encouraging our clients to drink fluids.

You will be responsible for ensuring our clients take their medication. This may include prompting, assisting, or administering the medicine.

As a carer, it is important that you have social engagement with clients and interact with them as many may rely on a carer as their main or only form of company.

Becoming a carer can be an immensely rewarding job, beyond the pay and qualifications that you will receive. The close relationships you forge with service users can be life changing.

You’ll have the opportunity to change someone’s life and help them feel supported, to read how our carers change lives see our case studies.

If you are interested in working for Nexus and becoming a carer, you can see our vacancies here.

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