What is advocacy?

If you or a loved one are struggling to keep up to date with all the changes in modern-day life, we can help provide support.

If you are struggling to face challenges posed by the online world in daily life, our advocates can act on your behalf to help you with technology.

How can we help?

If you are elderly, you may find it challenging to complete everyday tasks such as where technology is required.

You might feel worried about the possibility of needing to sign up for something with an email address for example.

We can help you with the online world and ensure that you are receiving support with completing important tasks, including registering for healthcare, arranging appointments, or getting your pension.

With our care, you won’t need to feel worried or confused about making sure you can complete all the necessary online paperwork you need.

What can we help with?

Our advocates can help you with a range of services such as:

– Dealing with utility providers to make sure the best price is obtained

– Helping to sort out pension payments

– Speaking to banks

We can also help you recognise when you may be missing out on something you are entitled to and we can help you act in order to get this.

What is an advocate?

Our advocates are specialists in dealing with matters on another’s behalf. They are not carers but can help you arrange everything you need to ensure you have access to the services you need and are entitled to.

Advocates do not have the power or authority to act independently but can act on your instruction with your knowledge and consent to help you.

If you need support with managing the online environment or automated answering services, having an advocate can help you to complete many important tasks.

As and when you need help, we can provide support.

At Nexus Care Services, we provide tailored care plans to support your individual needs. If you or a loved one needs support, contact us today at 0121 308 2906.

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