What is live in care?

If you or a loved one needs support at home, we offer live in care, which allows you to maintain your independence in your own home with a little help from our passionate team of carers at Nexus.

Live in care

Live in care is ideal if you just want the extra support but want to maintain independence from the comfort of your own home.

Our care means you will have access to 24-hour support, seven days a week from carers you can trust.

You will be provided with a team of two carers who can work one week on and one week off or two weeks on and two weeks off.

Our carers will not only offer essential support with your day-to-day routines but who will also provide companionship and quality care.

We ensure your carers are tailored to your needs based on your health, requirements, and interests.

This will help to improve your physical and mental health considerably knowing support is available when you need them.

What kind of things will live in care support me with?

If you are looking into live in care, you may be wondering what is included?

Carers can help with all aspects of daily life, such as getting dressed, personal care and helping you to take your medication.

They can also help with ensuring you have eaten, which can include meals, drinks and snacks throughout the day suited to your personal preferences.

With live in care the carers will be there overnight for reassurance and safety ensuring you remain safe and feel secure.

Person-centred care

Our care plans are tailored to you as a person and we are proud to provide a service through which you feel comfortable and supported and get the support you desire.

We take the time to get to know the people in our care. From a free no obligation assessment at the beginning to ensuring the right skilled person is in place suited and tailored to your needs to ensure they build relationships and rapport making you feel settled and relaxed.

At Nexus Care Services, we provide tailored care plans to support your individual needs. If you or a loved one needs support, contact us today at 0121 308 2906.


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