What is visited care?

If you need a carer for yourself or a loved one, you may think that residential care is the only option, but have you considered the benefits of visited care?

Visited care is a form of home care service that allows you to receive the right level of tailored support you need within the comfort of your own home.

What does visited care include?

Visited care can include anything from personal care, companionship or providing you with hot meals and drinks on a daily basis.
We offer a wide range of support to ensure comfort and assistance in daily life while also helping you maintain your independence within your own home.

Our team get to know your routines, preferences, and requirements, creating a person-centred, individual care plan that fits into your lifestyle and needs. By delivering a consistent and reliable service you and your loved ones can enjoy peace of mind you are well looked after.

What kind of things will visited care support me with?

Our morning calls can help you with getting ready for the day, including washing and dressing, breakfast, and medication.
In our lunchtime calls, we can prepare a home-cooked meal for you and assist with any toileting needs alongside prompting and helping with medication.

In our supper calls, either in the afternoon or early evening, we will provide you with a sandwich or snack or a fresh meal and make sure you are safe and have everything you needed for the remainder of the day.

Finally, our evening calls will help to assist you in getting ready for bed. We can also provide overnight calls in the form of sleepovers or waking nights if you need further support throughout the night.

During our team’s visits we will get to know more about your day, your passions and how we can better support your needs so you can enjoy the utmost dignity, independence, and support in receiving exceptional, quality care.

Complex Care at home

If you require complex care, this can also be provided through our visited care services via our highly trained team of care specialists including our senior carers and auxiliary nurses.

Our person-centred care plans will be based on your individual needs, preferences and requirements ensuring your care is tailored, individually to you.

Through visited care, you will receive a detailed care plan, including a task sheet outlining call tasks and objectives to work towards although non-exhaustive.

Within the care plan includes attendance records, handover notes documenting the call, medication information, food and fluid charts, body maps and all company documentation including insurance details, CQC registration and terms of business so that you know everything is being carefully managed, monitored, and overseen with diligence.

At Nexus Care Services, we provide tailored care plans to support your individual needs. If you or a loved one needs support, contact us today at 0121 308 2906.

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